Bear River Ranch Vacation Rental
Schedule of Services

Bear River Ranch Vacation Rental accepts a limited number of horses while you are vacationing to insure that we're never over-crowded and to provide a liberation for your horse that would be difficult to find at another location. Bear River Ranch provides what your horse wants. We are dedicated to providing the ultimate in services for both you and your horse. Bear River Ranch is a private vacation rental facility. Please call 530-268-3000 for an appointment to tour the property.

Your horse will receive quality care

At Bear River Ranch, every horse is led to and from turnouts by a handler who genuinely gets to know each horse. They are attentive to changes in the horse and its behavior, and will notify you immediately if they suspect any reason for concern.

Our staff genuinely cares for the well-being of each horse, and take special notice of even the smallest details. That means we are attentive to whether your horse is drinking enough water throughout the night or if there are changes in their eating patterns. Alfalfa/grass hay is provided twice daily, and supplements are also available. You can rest assured that at Bear River Ranch your horse will receive a level of care that is second to none.

Your horse's safety is our concern

At Bear River Ranch, the resident Veterinarian specializes in lay-ups of any kind - equine medicine and small animal surgery, dentistry, and reproduction ("foaling out" and AI - artificial insemination), accupuncture, and chiropractic.

The vaccination requirements are Eastern and Western sleeping sickness (3-way), influenza/rhino, WIN, strangles; de-worming every 2 months. Annual dentistry.

At Bear River Ranch, there is no loose or down fencing anywhere on the property. The entrance is secured with an automatic electric gate, so in the unlikely event that a horse manages to get loose, they can't leave the property. The entire property is secured with white vinyl and no-climb diamond mesh electric fencing that can't be pushed through. Additionally, the owner, resident veterinarian, and caretaker reside on the property, providing care and security for your horse.